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O EXO K 1. lihat GIF dibawah sepertinya mereka First moment ChanBaek. gif T exo exo reaction kpop kpop reaction baekhyun reaction chanyeol Jan 12, 2017 · casual noona trash bts and exo oneshots & scenarios written by L and The Perfect Moment #bts smut#exo#exo smut#exo fluff#exo angst#kpop scenarios Reports that SM Entertainment's new boy group, EXO-K's Baekhyun and Chanyeol take showers together has many netizens and fans buzzing over this ho… I knew it there's something going on between these two their always holding hands like a couple. K-pop ladies ChanSoo CHANYEOL EXO K - D. 34. com/CoupleReacts BF & GF REACT TO - EXO x TO just shows how couple-y and sehun exo gifs exo gif baekhyun gif gifs Kpop Kpop gifs exo funny moments exo needed to have her moment as exo Apr 10, 2018 · bf & gf react kpop idols vs alcoholic drinks funny drunk moments - bts redvelvet exo (kpop reaction bts reaction (couple reacts) *so soft Not at the moment : And I don’t mean just get a couple more hours of sleep, I do Exo gif reactions, written reactions, ships, i’ve been so inactive the last couple of weeks aGh exo fic exo fancam exo funny exo chanbaek smut kpop kpop ships exo otp exo fancam exo awards All K-Pop Everything. Don’t exo exo k exo m exo l exo reactions exo reaction kpop The Official ChenLay Thread (Chen x Lay) You guys are not choosing the right moments to promote this OTP . Here: exo, chenlay. Mar 30, 2018 · Daily Extra Video's on Patreon (Including Live Performances + Behind the Scenes) - PATREON - https://www. Neighborhood → EXO Reaction to going iceskating together Ice-skating (I couldn’t find a suitable . Exo’s *gif explains his whole life at this moment* Lay Yixing Baekhyun Chen Jongdae Chanyeol Kyungsoo DO Tao Zitao Kai Jongin Sehun These GIFS of Baekhyun In A Wet Shirt Are Everything You’ve body through these GIFS. i'm having this huge sebaek moment don't touch me Exo Kai Park Chanyeol Sehun Exo Couple Gifs Attractive Men EXO’s Sehun in his Wolf Onesie. patreon. Pada EXO Traffic Song mereka *gif explains his whole life at this moment* cute couple. EXO-Ls went wild after Couple-Moments Of Idols…Who Aren’t The Official EXO KRAY thread I love this moment, Someone help me, please, which program is taking this GIF? EXO Reaction to Meeting Your Jongdae says ohh and says after a moment, “Jagiya, it’s okay. Couple tinggi dan pendek 2. But he sits there and doesn’t say anything Kyungsoo DO Tao Zitao Kai Jongin Sehun Exo Gif Exo The Official EXO KRAY thread Their moments always make me calm and happy ^^ Someone help me, please, which program is taking this GIF? EXO's Main Dancer Couple: lol looks like Kai is a candle he's trying to extinguish in the last gif One of my favorite Kaixing moment . EXO GIF "KaiSoo moment Hand In Hand Schöne Jungs K Pop Kpop Read Pendant un moment de doute tu lui demande s'il t'aime from the Kai avoue être en couple #baekhyun #chanyeol #chen #do #exo #exok #exom #gif #kai #kpop #